Hot 3D gay toons ass

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Waking up from the cold sleep during the space travels is always a problem for this hot looking piece of man meat, as one of the first things his body does is send all of his blood down to his man tackle, giving him a massive erection that can last for days if he doesn’t take care of it. Unfortunately, there are only men on board, so he has to make damn sure he wakes up before the others so he can pick a hot 3D gay toons ass to fuck before the guys can resist and tell him to fuck off -


it’s the only way for his erection to be taken care of.

Fantasy warriors with amazing bodies

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Fantasy warriors with amazing bodies, their personal armor and clothing and very little to do have gathered in heavens, waiting for something interesting to happen down on earth so they can come down and dispense some indiscriminate justice. But in the meantime, there’s nothing to do up there, and they’re feeling a bit bored, so they spiced things up with some intense 3D gay toons loving that even the horniest hentai boys would find excessive – as their bodies are extra muscular and godly, so are their big stiff cocks,


and they aren’t shy of putting them to good use.

3D gay toons

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This crazy inventor always has something on his mind, one day he’s trying to construct a machine that would allow him to fly around like a bird, another he’s working on a contraption that will loosen up his ass and bang him silly whenever he feels the need for some ass stuffing. If you’re wondering what’s he up to next, it’s getting 3D gay toons to fuck his ass, as he wants to see if that will give him more energy to go about his daily business, he heard women were wired after being fucked by men,


and wanted to try that out for himself.

Nasty forest tentacle

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Nasty forest tentacles have captured new prey, a good looking guy with fit figure and an ass that is just too tempting for the green tentacles. All it took were a few inches up his 3D ass and the guy’s cock was rock hard – the plant was coated with pheromones that got him aroused and at the brink of blowing his load, but he’ll not get away so easily, the plant is after large quantities of his sperm, it is how it gets nourishment, so the forest monster wrapped itself around his body,


ready to put him through gay 3D heaven.

Ancient undead has risen from his crypt

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Ancient undead has risen from his crypt, and he’s ready to complete the recovery ritual with his male servant who waits by his casket, wearing no clothes other than a hot BDSM riding crop, which will allow his undead master to mount him and fuck him silly. That’s the price a male servant of a vampire lord pays for being given powers and longevity, they have to let their lords do whatever they want to their bodies,


something which usually involves hardcore anal 3D stuffing with a stiff gay undead dick.

Sexual pleasures for men

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Masculine forest folk with fine, fit bodies, hooves and horns are looking for good looking human partners so they can make their lives magical. What you don’t know is the fact that they’re not after female partners only, there are plenty of gay fae folk who can’t wait to find a stud they can fuck as much as they want, and a man screwed by one of these male forest guardians turns gay completely, the forest folk are just too good when it comes to intense


sexual pleasures for men to be able to resist their charms.

BDSM fucking machines

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Drenai sure are a technologically advanced race, so it’s no wonder that out of all World of Warcraft races they’re the ones who have developed the art of BDSM fucking machines the soonest! This particular drenai mechanic has been captured by one of his contraptions, and since it was set on test mode, he’s got his poor ass fucked by a big metal bar. Lucky for him it was lubed up – but the test run can last for well over an hour and his poor asshole will definitely feel the love after that


much pounding by a BDSM machine.

Extreme tentacle beasts

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Extreme tentacle beasts have found a brand new hobby that is going to keep these cartoon guys cringing and moaning as they get violated. Invading woman’s wet holes is no longer fun, these tentacles are eager to dive into men’s asses and to stroke their erect 3D cocks, feeding on the juices that splash out as the guys molested by evil 3D plants spray their loads. It’s a mix of some of the most sinful monsters and heroes you’ve ever seen,


all within these high quality gay sex galleries you can check out for free.

Domination and control

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Domination and control are a big part of gay fucking in comics and cartoons, even in high quality 3D gay toons, and the guy in metal chains who is strapped for the perverted pleasures of his master knows this full well. There’s no getting out of this one, his asshole is exposed, as is his big gay 3D cock, all he can do is struggle against the chains and wait for his daily dose of anal pounding. This is one of many high quality 3D BDSM gay galleries you can enjoy on our site for free,


so dig in and enjoy the ride.

Fantasy gay sex

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Fantasy gay sex allows for a lot of creative freedoms, which is why we’ve gotten our hands on a positively sinful 3D sex archive showing a nice looking male angel getting his ass banged hard by a demon whose thick hellish cock simply does not get tired. The angel was caught unaware, and the pounding sensation radiating from his ass is slowly converting him into another gay demon, but in the meantime he’s nothing but a sex plaything for a demon who


just loves nailing fantasy men and turning them gay.

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